Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The CoP; Happiness and Knowledge revisited

I string together three popular statements (cliches) to introduce how I view the normalcy of human thought:

"Ignorance is bliss - Knowledge is power - With great power, comes great responsibility..."

The idea that not-knowing or being unaware can make us happy, immediately seems absurd and illogical.  However, there may be no greater truth.

Upon posting my cycle of psyche theory, there will be a stipulation of "knowledge v. happiness" - this entire section of theory is dedicated to the idea and procedure of 'happiness' and what knowledge makes us continually happy and/or can make us depressed...

Yet, happiness is the most thought-provoking state of mind, in which the psychology world attempts to answer... Go to any book store, in the psych. section, to find a great number of 'self help' books.  A waste of money if you ask me, because you were most likely happier before you read the book than afterwards if this quote stands through intellection....

So ignorance (denying information and not seeking information) = bliss (a state of mind), but how? Well, no greater culture than an American one to provide examples of such a mathematical formula. Do you know how money works? Do you understand economics? Do you understand what a money market economy pertains to? (Do not take 'you' to heart, if YOU do!)

My point simply is... Americans (and am assured many more nations) live their lives within systems and ideologies which they are never taught to question, and/or dedicate much effort to question... Although these systems and ideologies guide our individual life styles and culture. How money works effects you and I in order to participate fully in our capitalistic system. Yet, there is no education program/curriculum for secondary school about our economic system.  Those who are lucky enough to learn from family or in undergraduate college... Will be better prepared for future living in the U.S.

No simple point can be made really... in short: majorly, not a whole lot of people understand the above topics and issues... Are they dismayed by their lack of knowledge? I would argue the contrary, therefore most 'do not care to know' about economics and politics even... And if they do, the politics is superficial gossip with no real political philosophy behind the effort.

It is easier to not worry, to not stress or to at least try to be concerned with current events... It is easy to say "I don't know, never had an interest in the topic" although we live everyday lives based on such topics...

Ignorance is blissful, because when you figured out enough to 'think/feel' you got life figured out, or a good personal ritual going on... You do not care about alternatives, because immediately you are happy.  Not worried about the future of your happiness, because the future is later... Not now!

(The parental dilemma - the desire to create a future for your children, comes most often after you have your children, but every parent has this desire. *** So, if everyone knows they will have this desire, why do they do so little to worry about it?)

As far as our culture: We are one who does not care about the future in the norm, therefore individuals will not care to focus on life long goals, and rather immediate happiness satisfying..

As for every individual: Happiness does not come from making happiness the goal... Happiness comes from creating a path which allows personal betterment. Ignorance prevents the goal from being a futuristic one... But, very successful at providing immediate happiness, because those who are blissfully ignorant are those who making happiness the goal, and not goals which allow happiness.

If not knowing allows happiness, than more knowledge must creates dismay... Interesting, because of nihilism (as we are prone to stack downwards)! And, knowledge is power! A higher degree of self actualization and social acceptance (another part of CoP) may existentially create dysphoric states of minds.... Is that necessarily bad? Well, with great power comes great responsibility... The knowledge that knowledge may bring you down should be both pleasing and cautionary... Good, because more existential power and bad because one may ultimately become more and more desensitized (less emotional) about superficial knowledge...  (That flower is stupid!)  One must prepare and be prepared to filter through piles of useless knowledge (shit) and figure out what connects and is substantial... That's an individual responsibility, but at the same time, society should work to educate the above! But, it all starts with individuals doing so first!

I see very few problems with eliminating some happiness in trade for eternal happiness... in a sense, you trade childish interpretations of the metaphysical and ideological ... (blissful ignorance)... for deep and challenging notions which come from further (re)interpretations of the said...

This was more of a rant than anything, as time goes on... I will focus these thoughts into others... But, ignorance is the enemy (disease) and in an existential extension (for me), a lot of sources of happiness are destructive for the future development of long lasting happiness an individual and society require to be successful after death... (by such I mean, so successful there next generation will succeed from indoctrination and tradition hand downs).

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